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About Narrative Therapy

We offer a form of therapy that is informed by Narrative Therapy. Narrative therapy is a philosophy that rests on a number of principles:

  • "The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem."- Michael White 

  • Problems have a context and therapy explores the influences that support the power those problems have in your life (culture, family, work, trauma, etc).

  • People are the experts in their own lives.

  • People/Relationships/Communities are multi-storied. Not one experience or story ever captures the total of who that person/relationship/community is.

Narrative Therapy:

  • Explores in a non-blaming, collaborative way the struggles you are facing and your responses to them.

  • Explores how you've come to the conclusions (stories) you have about yourself and the world around you.

  • Questions what's considered normal and offer space to explore your own values, hopes, dreams, preferences, and commitments (what makes life worth living).

  • Explores the many influences that shape your beliefs such as family, culture, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, class, ability, etc

  • Explores people's own skills and resources that can offer solutions to the problem.

  • Offers an opportunity to create or to connect to different/preferred stories about yourself/relationship/community.

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